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OGMHere is  the ENGLISH version of the Blanchard-Weil Overlapping Generations model of growth. See the other post about what it contains.

It is identical to the Greek version, but a few pages shorter, because the English language has shorter words than the Greek language.

For my Macro I students : since this pamphlet lifts off your shoulders a great burden, I would suggest to compensate by giving special weight and inelastic labor to the following exercises contained therein: 1.1, 1.3, 2.3, 3.4, 4.1.

Overlapping Generations Blanchard Weil ENGLISH 15-11-2015


exponential growthI upload here the GREEK version of the most analytical educational take I have ever seen on the Blanchard-Weil Overlapping Generations model of growth. I have written it, by the way. The pamphlet contains an interesting extension, in that it calculates the implied, by the model, distribution of consumption and capital, something that also permits a deeper comparison with the representative household model.

I apologize to my non-Greek students and readers for not uploading at the same time the English version. I had in mind to just translate an older version of the pamphlet, but I ended up re-writing extensively its last parts, and this ate up the available time. I will, in a day or two, upload also the ENGLISH version.

Overlapping Generations Blanchard Weil GREEK 15-11-2015