The Effects of Management on Production: A Survey of Empirical Studies

Posted: July 18, 2021 in Research, Research papers
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Eleven months later, the chapter has just been released on line.

Contributed chapter to Handbook of Production Economics vol. 2, Springer, 45-1. On-line: July 16, 2021.

ABSTRACT: We review econometric studies that attempt to estimate the effects of management on production, being on output, productivity, or efficiency. We group the studies mainly by a methodological criterion: whether they treat management as a latent variable, whether they proxy it by some other variable(s), or whether they attempt to construct a direct measure of management and use it as a regressor in an econometric model. A large part of the literature uses data from small-size agriculture, while in recent years national surveys have started to collect more systematically data related to management and management practices from various industries. Rather than being mentioned by telegraphic references, most of the studies presented are given a somewhat detailed summary so that the reader can acquire a good sense of the methodological choices made, the estimation techniques adopted, and the results obtained on the effects of management.

Download here.

  1. Hello Alecos,

    I was wondering if you know of any recent survey on growth accounting.


    • Hello. You may want to check “GROWTH ACCOUNTING Charles R. Hulten Working Paper 15341“. It is not strictly a survey but rather a subject review, but it is recent enough and appears to discuss some methodological variants. I don’t think the topic is regarded much open to new scientific approaches, it is a rather established first step in applied growth theory.

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