The generalized Solow model with endogenous growth

Posted: December 13, 2015 in Educational Material, Grad Macro I Fall 2015-2016
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By His bootstrapsI apload here an exposition of the generalized Solow model of growth, i.e. the one including both physical and human capital, but with capabilities of sustained endogenous long-term growth. This came out of the Macro I graduate class in my University that I currently help. At the end, the pamphlet contains the discretization of the model and a Dynare script to simulate it.


Generalized Solow endogenous growth




  1. kostis says:

    gia sas, ta figures sta pdf pos ta sxediazete?fantazome oxi apo kapio periploko paketo to latex

    • Alecos Papadopoulos says:

      To excel (ή άλλο spreadsheet software) παραμένει ο πιο γρήγορος και απλός τρόπος.

  2. kostis says:

    anaferome se theoritika figures opos sto pdf sas xoris arithmous.esis ta exete sxediasi apo to excel?

    • Alecos Papadopoulos says:

      Ναι, σε αυτά αναφέρομαι κι εγώ. Το υπομενού insert/shape έχει όλα όσα χρειάζονται. Οι μαθηματικές φόρμουλες γίνονται copy/paste στο excel από ένα πρόγραμμα σαν το Mathtype π.χ. ή το ίδιο το απλό equation editor του word.

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