Grad Macro I – Access to Scientific Journals

Posted: October 23, 2015 in Grad Macro I Fall 2015-2016

ConnectedFor those of you who don’t use it already: having an account gives you access to most of the scientific journals and economics papers you may need to read during your studies. How?

Install in your computer the  VPN service that the University offers. Then activate it, and then go to a scientific search engine (Google Scholar is the most frequently used one, but there are others), type in the title of the paper you are looking for and hit the link the browser will provide: It will send you to one of the online repositories of scientific papers, like, or a scientific publisher’s site, where, because you arrive there through the University VPN, in most cases you will have free access to the paper (as well as the right to legally download it), since the University has purchased blanket-subscriptions for all its members (and you are a member of the University).

The Course Structure contains a Reading List, where apart from books, scientific papers are also listed. Irrespective of whether the professor uses them or not, go find them and download them, and read them even if only lightly, to get familiar with how Economics is actually done.


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