Kick off with the two-tier stochastic frontier model

Posted: April 7, 2014 in Research papers
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I think it is fitting to kick off this blog with the publication of my first …bona-fide research paper in a peer-reviewed journal (I have publications of conference papers and a book chapter, that all relate to the Management of Health Systems, but they live in this strange land between “professional” and “academic” publications). The paper is in the field of Stochastic Frontier Analysis, and deals with the Two-tier stochastic frontier model (2TSF model). It presents a new stochastic specification for the three-component composite error term of this model, and it contains a complete toolkit to implement the specification in an applied study. Unavoidably, it mostly consists of a series of complicated mathematical expressions -but the literature review in the beginning is quite interesting I think, since it shows how wide is the applicability of the 2TSF model -the uses of which I plan to extend in the near future, in the context of my PhD research.

The paper can be  downloaded from the link below:

Papadopoulos Al. (2014) The half normal specification for the two-tier stochastic frontier model

Journal of Productivity Analysis,  DOI 10.1007/s11123-014-0389-8

Submitted August 01 2013, accepted March 10 2014, published online April 04 2014


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